Add a Printed Picture in Video (Once Checked, Do Not Forget To Upload the Picture)

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Title: Printed Photo In Video
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    Gloria Petrova
    Awesome sauce

    This was super awesome sauce

    Elizabeth Au
    Super funny

    Brother loved this, if you're considering getting it and unsure- just get it 100% worth it lol

    Tanya Ibrahim

    Add a Printed Picture in Video (Once Checked, Do Not Forget To Upload the Picture)

    I love it

    It was a different experience than normal. my family enjoyed it too much, thank you


    We want you to be genuine with your message but please do not use any profanity or talk about religion, politics, or other sensitive topics. We truly appreciate it!

    Our videos are 100% custom made by real people. We write the messages by hand on the board but sometimes, we use reusable character magnets. All message shoutouts are shouted by REAL PEOPLE from the video!

    1. The regular video package includes music of our choice (custom music is available for an extra cost), your custom message said out loud, and dancing.

    2. A personalized E-Card link

    3. A cloud drive link that will store the video for 1 month

    We have a premium A.I text-to-voice technology that will record your message in the language you provided with the correct accent and dialect. (*we do not use Google translate recordings) We will then play the recorded message for our cast crew so that they can shout it out in your language.

    When you place an order with a custom message, we will write it on the board. Please note that you are ordering a custom video, which means that no two videos will be exactly the same.

    You'll get your custom video file via Email within 3-4 business days, or 1-2 business days for the EXPRESS option.


    My brother loved it!
    Deciding between a gift card and this custom video, I chose the video and I am glad that I chose it. Super unique, creative, and funny!
    Jan 26, 2023
    The Egyptian Pyramid Crew.
    Can't believe this is REAL!
    Tried unique wishes and turned out to be hilarious. Going to make a few more to prank my friends!
    Apr 1, 2023
    "Really love my friends" :(
    Can't believe my friends sent me this before the golf trip. I was so embarrassed. Hopefully, these ladies did not actually believe the message.
    Feb 23, 2023